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Bond Clerk

Giftland Georgetown, Guyana
< 1 year
Thu Aug 22, 2024
Sat Dec 31, 2022
Job Summary
The position shall cover the following areas:
Responsibilities include all aspects of the receiving and distribution process and the processing incoming goods, etc.
Job Description

Responsibilities (include but not limited to):

Receiving and distribution process

  1. Responsible for all received inventory to be delivered to selling area and stored/packed in respective bonds.

  2. Ensure all goods are being packed properly using the First in and First out process.

  3. Pick goods requested for merchandising in a timely manner while using first in first out process.

  4. Direst and work alongside porters to ensure all goods are being delivered to the selling area in a safe and timely manner.

  5. Ensure all bonds and access areas are clean and clear at all time.

  6. Work alongside inventory clerks to do perpetual count on stocks being stored in bonds.

  7. Overlook and work along porters if necessary to ensure assign task given are being carried out in a timely manner.

  8. Any other task given assigned by Supervisors/ Manager.

Processing incoming goods

  1. Responsible for receiving, unpacking, organizing, and storing merchandise.

  2. Unpack and examine incoming goods and record overages, shortages and damaged items to the Bond Supervisor or Department Supervisor.

  3. Assist with the comparison of information on purchase to goods received to verify accuracy of order.

  4. Attach or change price tags on merchandise and bar coding of all incoming items.

  5. Ensure that all items are packed accordingly, and ensure that barcodes are placed correctly. All items within the company that does not come with a manufacturer’s barcode that works with our scanners must have one of Giftland’s barcodes attached to it.

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