CRMA - Central Recruitment & Manpower Agency

About the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency – Ministry of Labour

The Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA) is a Department under the Ministry of Labour.

This government Agency was formerly known as the Employment Exchange and was established under the Employment Exchange Act, Chapter 98:05 No. 21 of 1944.
CRMA services as the link between persons seeking employment and Employers seeking to fill vacancies.

The CRMA has Recruitment Officers stationed in Regions 2,3,4,5,6 and 10, including the Head Office in Georgetown to better serve the citizens of Guyana.

The Agency seeks to assist the unemployed persons who are actively seeking employment to be gainfully employed so that they can contribute to their own economic development and to that of the country. Each year we assist more than 1000 Jobseekers towards self-sufficiency through meaningful work and we also assist Employers to find the right person to fill their vacancies.

We spend time getting to know Employers, understanding their recruitment needs and supporting them with workers who have registered with the CRMA and are from diverse backgrounds who are often highly skilled, qualified and experienced.

Training and Collaboration
All of the services offered by the CRMA are fully funded by the Government of Guyana and includes advice, training and support to transition more jobseekers into jobs each year.

We work closely with Training Institutions and Organisations to achieve the best results for our registered Jobseekers. This is done through Occupational counselling and guidance to jobseekers, training on job readiness, and support through partnership with training Institutions to enhance the skills of persons seeking jobs.

Job Readiness training programs to prepare jobseekers for the World of Work.

The Program is designed to equip job seekers with the relevant skills to enhance their chances of being work-ready, when the right job comes along. An important component of the Program includes: preparation of writing and preparing a job application and creating resumes, to be submitted to prospective employers and ensuring adequate preparedness of each jobseeker for the interview.
It is envisaged that as students prepare to complete their secondary education, it is the opportune time to also engage them in the job readiness program as a means of preparing them for the transition from school life to the World of Work.

Of equal importance is the acquisition of Work Ethic Skills, as well as understanding the culture of the organization/entity where they are seeking to be employed.

To ensure persons seeking employment are gainfully employed, CRMA Officers conduct visits to Public and Private Sector Agencies canvassing for vacancies, matching job seekers to vacant positions, encouraging work places to utilize the services being offered, participate in job fairs in collaboration with other Agencies.

To achieve the above, the programme seeks to register persons seeking employment, maintaining a record of notified vacancies, Submission of Registrants to suitable vacancies for possible placement, Hosting of World of Work Workshops, Marketing and promotional ventures, e.g. Outreach to Communities.

The Mission of the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency is to contribute to the economic and social development of Guyana by providing effective and efficient employment services to job seekers and employers.

1. To efficiently match suitably qualified persons to existing vacancies.
2. Canvassing for job vacancies for possible placement for jobseekers.
3. To maintain an accurate record of notified vacancies.
4. Build the capacity of jobseekers to cope with job interviews